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RFID Solutions

RFID solutions that let you track, control and manage all critical resources.

We offer a complete RFID solution, including the Trackvy software platform, hardware and professional services that guarantee the success of your project.

Trackvy RFID Platform

Trackvy is a platform of applications (Cloud, Edge, Mobile and Desktop) that allow the tracking and tracing of critical assets (returnable or fixed), people and inventories using RFID.

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RFID Hardware y Tags

We allow our customers to implement an RFID solution, with pre-configured devices, at a fraction of the cost, time and effort of traditional deployments

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Professional Services

We will accompany you in the different stages of evolution of your idea, be it validation, MVP or complete development.

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Solutions by Use Case

Asset and Return Management

We optimize and facilitate the management of assets and returnables, in order to avoid unnecessary purchases and losses. Our solution allows the control of incoming and outgoing assets, with data such as date and time of movements, location and customizable alerts.

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Inventory Control

We deploy RFID based solutions for inventory control that integrate information from RFID readers and sensors. Our Trackvy platform is deploy to quick and easy to customize.

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Traceability of Operations

We develop solutions based on automatic identification and data capture technology with radio frequency (RFID), Bluetooth LE and NFC. We seek to increase the efficiency of critical processes, allowing the monitoring and tracking of products and movements

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Trackvy RFID Platform

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  • Trackvy Cloud
  • Trackvy Edge
  • Trackvy Mobile
  • Trackvy Desktop
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Ecosystem of applications for the fast implementation of traceability systems based on RFID.

The platform allows the monitoring of each element individually through the supply chain, giving visibility and control of operations.

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Solutions by Industry

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Oil & Gas

Track and monitor equipment and assets, allowing for optimized inventory management and improved safety measures. RFID tags can be attached to various types of equipment, such as pipes and tools, to enable their identification and tracking throughout the supply chain.

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RFID technology allows to increase the efficiency of critical processes, as well as to monitor and track products and raw materials within the manufacturing process. This information can be used to find bottlenecks within the organization.

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Manage the inventory of your stores in real time. RFID allows you to increase sales by optimizing the use of sales space, as it also provides you with the tools to always have all your references on display.

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Transportation & Logistics

Increase inventory accuracy and stock efficiencies. RFID allows employees to reduce search, picking and audit times, thanks to the easy identification of items and their location, as well as eliminating errors that can normally occur with manual processes.

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Medicines and devices used in the health sector can be tracked, in real time, which optimizes their use and prevents losses. RFID also allows to ensure compliance with quality and maintenance processes.

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