Application ecosystem for the rapid deployment of RFID and IoT-based tracking and tracing systems.

Trackvy Architecture

Meet Trackvy

Trackvy, a suite of applications designed to optimize your operations through RFID and IoT technology. From the cloud to mobile and desktop devices, Trackvy revolutionizes inventory, asset, and process tracking and analysis.hardware.4g.text=Revolutionizing tracking with active tags that support 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, our 4G Tags are the spearhead of asset tracking. Equipped with advanced GPS and positioning technologies, these active tags redefine location monitoring for assets, merchandise, vehicles, and containers. From motion detection and vibration alarms to disabling light alerts, these tags offer unparalleled control over your assets, driving operational efficiency to new levels.
  • Advanced Tracking: Track every item throughout your processes, providing accuracy and complete control over your operations.
  • Seamless Integration: Trackvy Cloud and Edge applications offer a REST API, allowing integrations in any environment.
  • Swift Implementation: User-friendly interface and support for leading brands expedite the deployment of RFID solutions, optimizing your processes in no time.
Trackvy Cloud Dashboard

Trackvy Cloud

SaaS solution that synchronizes and consolidates the information of all mobile clients, desktop and Trackvy Edge servers.

  • Maintains the association between item reference or SKU and individual RFID Tag
  • Generates unique serials according to each reference and stores the information of each label and the movements on each individual item
  • Stores and processes the readings executed by mobile and area readers performed during audits
  • Generates consolidated reports all RFID events
Trackvy Edge Dashboard

Trackvy Edge

Server application that allows to manage RFID portals, collect, manipulate and disseminate data generated by the reader groups and communicate movements and readings to Trackvy Cloud.
  • Allows the configuration of fixed RFID readers
  • Processes the information read by the RFID antennas and exposes readings via web services
  • Generate text files or store in a local database the information captured by the antennas for easy analysis and manipulation of data
  • You can feed an ERP or another type of application directly via configurable web services
Trackvy Mobile Menu

Trackvy Mobile

Mobile application that uses integrated and bluetooth antennas to perform:

  • Tag inspection and information gathering in the field
  • Synchronized audits with Trackvy Cloud
  • Register item movements
  • Association and serialization of new tags
  • Product Picking and Asset Lookup
  • Fixed Assets Allocation and Loans

The mobile application is designed to operate online or offline allowing travel to remote areas with difficult access.

Trackvy Desktop Dashboard

Trackvy Desktop

Desktop application focused on the agile creation and encoding of new RFID tags. The application is compatible with desktop readers and RFID printers.

  • Allows you to serialize multiple tags at the same time
  • Generate tags individually or using defined text files
  • Compatible with printers from Zebra and Sato and specialized RFID antennas from Impinj, Zebra and NordicID
  • Integrated with Trackvy Cloud

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