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The Zuplio platform allows vendors to submit their quotes, view their purchase orders, payments, filed invoices and tax certificates.

Zuplio Architecture

Meet Zuplio

Zuplio is a set of applications that allow the monitoring and analysis of processes of purchases, requests, quotes, provide information on payments made and reporting of tax certificates.

The platform allows the monitoring of each quote individually through the purchasing process granting visibility and control of operations.

Additionally, it allows to consolidate in a single platform, the registration of suppliers, documents of interest and communications.

Zuplio is customizable through custom modules and webservices allow to extend and integrate it into any environment.

Supplier Self-Management

  • Publish requests for public or private proposals of products and/or services to potential suppliers.
  • Keep a history of each offer and quote.
  • Quickly evaluate multiple proposals using a recommendation engine and identify the best offer.
  • Provide suppliers with information such as: Purchase Orders, Filed Invoices, Payments Made, Account Status and Tax Certificates.
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  • Zuplio 2
  • Zuplio 3
  • Zuplio 4

Traceability and Transparency

Post public and private offers, review the history of each offer, and use our recommendation engine to quickly evaluate the best quotes.

Manage your Suppliers

Suppliers can self-manage information related to purchase orders, payments, invoices filed and tax certificates quickly and efficiently.

ERP integration

The Agent acts as an interface to your ERP and maintains a two-way connection that removes information duplication and prevents outdated information.

Modular System

Zuplio has ready-to-deploy modules that increase its capabilities. We can also develop custom modules according to the needs of our clients.

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